Static Control Sees a Positive Start to 2014

At January’s RemanExpo@Paperworld, Static Control, the world’s largest aftermarket manufacturer of imaging consumables, focused on COLORCONTROL Replacement Imaging Systems, which was supported with videos, product displays, brochures and posters. A popular feature was the technical area that demonstrated the exceptionally high print quality and consistency that COLORCONTROL delivers.

Ken Lalley, Sales Director at Static Control, said, “RemanExpo has provided the remanufacturing industry with an overwhelmingly positive start to 2014. It gives us the opportunity to build upon relationships with our customers and generate new avenues of business.”

Static Control’s stand also featured a video with a scrolling timeline listing major aftermarket legal battles spanning across the last eight years, ending with the line “Avoid working with companies who continually lose in court.” This warning was vividly reinforced by the numerous raids by German customs agents that took place over the course of the show and the constant presence of agents and OEM IP lawyers on the show floor.

”We have stressed the importance of IP, but for industry members to see it in action for themselves brings a new level of understanding,” said Lalley. “The events of this show highlight more visibly than ever the importance of partnering with a supplier who works with the wider industry for the long term, and not against it.”

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