Staples to Recycle 3 Million Ink Cartridges by 2015

Staples to Recycle 3 Million Ink Cartridges by 2015

Staples Canada announced that it has collected 940,938 ink cartridges in Q12015, an increase of 37.4% when compared to Q12014. Staples plans to recycle three million ink cartridges and 4,000,000 kg of electronics by the end of 2015, as revealed by

In particular, the report revealed that through their “Driver Take Back program”, Staples’ delivery drivers collect used batteries, electronics and ink cartridges from customers whilst delivering orders. Customers in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia regions can enjoy this recycling program. In the first quarter of 2015, 7,691.5 kg of electronics, 96,487 ink cartridges and 59.9 kg batteries were collected.

Pete Gibel, senior vice president of merchandising and Chair of the Environmental Committee in Staples Canada, expressed his confidence: “We’ve made significant progress on the sustainability front, and we are continuing our momentum this year. Our goal is to enable our associates to raise the bar and give our customers more eco-responsible options than ever.”

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