Staples Offers 3D Printing Services to Customers

Staples Offers 3D Printing Services to Customers

Staples has launched a new online platform to offer 3D printing services to its customers.

Supported by online 3D printing company Sculpteo, the platform enables users to upload customized designs and helps transform them into 3D models. It is also a platform for users to learn about the new technology, both in theory and in practice.

Behzad Soltani, Vice President of e-commerce services for Staples, Inc. said, “We recognized early that 3D printing is going to revolutionize product design, so we want to bring those tools forward to show people how they can actually use them.”

According to Toner News, Staples currently provides in-house 3D printing services within its Copy & Print centers in 53 locations. With this online platform, Staples is meant to get people to better understand and take advantage of the technology in a more affordable and easier way.

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