Staples Expands Presence in Poland

Staples Europe expanded its presence in Poland, with the expansion of its Global Competence Center in Gdansk as well as the continuous growth of Staples Advantage, its business-to-business division.

In just one year of operations, the Staples Global Center quickly outgrew its previous location and has now been relocated to a permanent home at Olivia Six, in the heart of the Gdansk business district. The center employs experts from a variety of disciplines, including IT, e-commerce, supply chain and telecommunications, and provides strategic, analytical and operational support to Staples offices throughout Europe, as well as telecommunications support globally.

John Wilson, President of Staples International Operations and Head of Global Transformation, said, “We are excited about our growth in Poland. The rapid expansion of our Global Competence Center confirms that Gdansk is an ideal business location, with its high concentration of universities and well-educated workforce. We look forward to continuing to attract top talent to help us grow in the future.”

Marcin Piątkowski of Invest in Pomerania, said, “Staples’ Global Competence Centre benefits the local economy in Gdansk, and offers great opportunities for talented future leaders, both in Poland and abroad. We are thrilled to be able to support Staples.”

Staples Global Competence Center opened last year with the support of Invest in Pomerania, according to

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