Spain’s Planet Solutions Obtains 5 Certificates

Planet Solutions, one of Spain’s major producers and suppliers of remanufactured cartridges, has added three new certificates–ISO/IEC   19752:2004, ISO/IEC 19798:2007 and DIN 33870-1—to its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. It therefore becomes the first and only Spanish company to have all 5 certifications and one of the few European companies to achieve these qualifications.

ISO/IEC 19752:2004 is a standard covering the evaluation of toner cartridge yield for toner containing cartridges for monochrome electrophotographic printers. Also, this standard can be applied to multi-function devices which contain printer components.

ISO/IEC 19798:2007 specifies a method for the testing and calculation of average yield measured in the number of standard pages for a color toner cartridge as well as specific printers printing in a semi-continuous mode under a specific set of conditions. It uses the test page suite defined in ISO/IEC 24712. Besides, ISO/IEC 19798:2007 can be applied to the printer component of multi-function devices containing printer components.

DIN 33870-1 defines quality requirements for refilled toner modules and defines the minimum requirements to ensure printing quality and normal functioning of the modules.

Mainly based on tests comparing the original and the reprocessed product, the DIN 33870-1 standard defines the quality requirements for the remanufacturing process and specifies suitable test methods. This standard is aimed at companies that refill and sell toner modules. It provides an approach that takes both quality and environmental considerations into account. At the same time, the standard gives details on how to examine the extent to which the health-related properties of the toner comply with legal requirements, thus ensuring the toner does not pose a risk to health provided that it is properly used.

The scope of testing has been extended and now incorporates new test templates in digital form.  The standard has been revised by manufacturers of refilled toner cartridges, printers and original modules and by experts from testing laboratories, science and technology, employers’ liability organizations, public authorities, businesses and end users.

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