Soennecken to Become the New Owner of Nordanex

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Soennecken eG will acquire all Nordanex shares and ownership by 2018

Soennecken to Become the New Owner of Nordanex

Soennecken eG invested in the growing ‘digital market’, acquiring all Nordanex Systemverbund GmbH & Co KG shares.  As of January 1, 2018, this will Soennecken to become the new owner of Nordanex.

According to, Nordanex will continue business as usual under company founder Ralph Warmbold’s (Pictured) directive. wrote that the companies agreed they would initially be managed separately with cooperation occurring between the two for many years to come.

Soennecken plans to utilize Nordanex’s IT expertise to expand into the complete supply of office for its network of office supply traders, wrote.

Soennecken board spokesman Benedikt Erdmann (pictured) said IT knowledge was an important element in working with the established markets related to Soennecken member companies.  Dr Erdmann also viewed the take over of Nordanex as a strategic and long-term investment.

Soennecken is currently the leader in the office retail sector, with approximately 500 members.  By investing in Nordanex, Soennecken acquires strong insight into the growing IT system houses market.  This boosts Soennecken’s strength by increasing the value of consulting competence for their members.

In Germany, Nordanex is number three in the IT system house market, with about 270 system partners.  According to, Mr Warmbold was looking for a strategic partner who could ensure the survival of Nordanex; someone experienced in cooperation within independent companies in a network.

In the near future, Soennecken and Nordanex plan to focus on harmoniously joining the companies together and the development their services.  Dr Erdman said interlinking the services of both companies was viewed to be elemental for customers of the digital office world.

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