Small Business Targeted with New Printers Release

Small Business Targeted with New Printers Release

Samsung has released its new ProXpress M4030ND single function monochrome and M4080FX monochrome multi-function printers, to target small and medium-sized businesses looking for greater productivity, security and cost efficiency.

The new ProXpress M4030/4080 series, Samsung claims, can print up to 40 pages per minute, with expanded printing capacity of 2,850 sheets for the 4030ND printer and 2,300 sheets for the 4080FX multifunction printer. Samsung expects these printers will be good options to meet high volume printing needs in office environments. With a maximum monthly duty cycle of 120,000 pages, they can handle heavy loads and long periods of printing.

The M4080FX multifunction printer is particularly useful for scan-dependent businesses, as it can scan three times faster than other conventional models in the market. It also allows integration of customized solutions for extended functionalities, such as output management and document distribution.

Key features of the ProXpress M4030/4080 series include: performance-driven productivity, Enterprise-level security and solutions for customization and management.


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