Samsung Warns Resellers of Uprint

As was reported by The Recycler, Samsung sends a letter to resellers of Uprint-branded cartridges to warn their infringement of Samsung patents.

The Recycler said the letter was written by law firm AKD on behalf of Samsung. The OEM warns the companies that they are infringing its intellectual property rights by selling cartridges for Samsung’s printers. The products incorporate patented technologies of patents numbers EP2325701 B1 and EP2037327 B1.The Uprint toner cartridges involved include CLT-K4072, CLT-Y4072, CLT-M4072, CLT-C4072, CLT-K4092, CLT-Y4092, CLT-M4092, CLT-C4092, CLT-K406, CLT-Y406, CLT-M406 and CLT-C406. The letter says due to Uprint resellers’ behavior, Samsung is incurring severe damages to its printer business and its reputation.

As was revealed, Samsung has tried to dig out the identity of the supplier of these products but failed to found out the manufacturer or supplier. In order to resolve the problem, Samsung requires written acknowledgement that relevant businesses will stop selling related infringing products and transfer these goods to Samsung. These products are to be destroyed under the supervision of an appointed party of Samsung”.

Samsung also says any response is to be received before 14 April 2014, otherwise, Samsung reserves its right to make further claims and take legal proceedings.

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