Samsung Targets SMBs with New Printers

Samsung Electronics has launched its new ProXpress C30 series of printers targeting small-and medium-sized business (SMB) with lower operating costs and high productivity.

The release includes the C3010ND, C3060ND, and C3060FR models. The company claims that the C30 series come with high-yield cartridges that can handle heavy printing volumes and an Instant Fusing System, which allows a shorter waiting time for prints and copies.

Samsung boasts that the printers have a resolution of 9,600 x 600 dots per inch and the company’s Rendering Engine for Clean Pages (ReCP) omits unnecessary details and unclear elements on printed, copied, and scanned documents and images.

The printing speed with these new printers has been increased to 30 pages per minute (ppm) from 26 ppm, a toner yield of 8K/5K, and capacity of 1,400 sheets from previous models. The printers have a 800 Megahertz dual-core CPU that is 50 percent faster.

David SW Song, Samsung’s senior vice president of its printing solution business said, “Samsung Electronics has established itself in providing products that offer reliable performance with a low TCO for small- and medium-sized enterprises and workgroup users. With an array of business-efficient printing devices, Samsung will continue to develop a smart office environment that enhances document management.”

The C30 series can also support selected independent software vendor solutions such as Rindale, Scanshare, and Cirrato, as well as any Samsung eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) embedded devices.


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