Remanufacturing Guide: Samsung ML-4510 Drum Cartridge

First released in September 2011, the Samsung ML-4510series of printers are based on a 45-50ppm (depending on the model), dual component (toner and developer), 600dpi engine (1200 x 1200 Enhanced). The first page out is rated at under 7 seconds, and the monthly duty cycle is up to 200,000 pages.

The drum cartridges do not have a drum cover, and come new with a piece of heavy paper with foam glued to it taped around the cartridge. See Figure A.

The toner cartridges will be covered in a separate instruction, but there are three different yields available. There are LY (7,000 pages), HY (15,000 pages) and Extra HY (20,000 Pages) cartridges available. Each version of cartridge has its own specific chip, there are also different regions.

The chip for the drum unit is a worldwide version meaning it works in all regions, but some soldering is required. The stated yield for the drum cartridge is 60,000 pages

Click here for the step-by-step guide:

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