Russian Toner Cartridges Market in 2014

Russian Toner Cartridges Market in 2014

The Russian-based Information Agency “Business-Inform” has released a report on the Russian toner cartridges market in 2014.

Color Toner Cartridge Market

In color toner cartridge market, HP ranked top with 59.35% market share in units, followed by Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Samsung and Epson, with shares of 21.9%, 4.77%, 3.25%, 3.00% and 1.86%, respectively.

The fifteen most popular color toner cartridges are showed as below:
1. HP CB540/541/542/543
2. HP Q6000/6001/6002/6003
3. HP CC530/531/532/533
4. HP C9730/9731/9732/9733
5. HP CE250/251/252/253
6. HP CE260/261/262/263
7. HP CE310/311/312/313
8. HP CE320/321/322/323
9. HP CE410/411/412/413
10. HP CB400/401/402/403
11. HP CE400/401/402/403
12. HP CE740/741/742/743
13. Xerox 106R01601/1602/1603/1604
14. Xerox 106R01631/1632/1633/1634
15. Xerox 106R01461/1462/1463/1464

According to Business Inform, the undisputed leadership of HP color toner cartridges in the Russian market is gradually changing (2011-70.3%, 2012–70.9%, 2013–67.9%, 2014–59.35%). At the same time, Xerox is capturing more and more market share (2011–10.0%, 2012–12.45%, 2013–14.44%, 2014–21.9%).

Note: The vertical axis demonstrates quarterly shares of cartridges for full-color laser printing in relation to the whole volume of procurements (in pcs.)

Monochrome Toner Cartridges Market

In the monochrome toner cartridge segment, HP led the market with a 45.92% share in units. Xerox ranked second with 19.07% share, followed by Samsung, Canon and Kyocera, with shares of 11.94%, 6.94% and 5.26%, respectively.

The most popular monochrome toner cartridges are showed as below:

Note 1: The Procurement Rating demonstrates the procurement share of cartridges for 2014 (in pcs.)
Note 2: The Rating of Corporative Popularity demonstrates the share of Russian companies, buying the specified cartridge model in 2014

As revealed by Business Inform, the leadership of HP Q2612 cartridge on the Russian market is gradually wearing off (2011–15.1%, 2012–13.4%, 2013–12.0%, 2014–10.08%). At the same time, HP CE285 (2011 – 1.85%, 2012 – 3.88%, 2013 – 5.28%, 2014 – 6.65%), HP CE278 (2012 – 2.03%, 2013 – 3.78%, 2014 – 4.96%) cartridges are capturing more and more market share.

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