Former Staples Boss Heads French B2B Platform


A former managing director of Staples has become the head of a new virtual B2B marketplace that has just kicked off in France.
According to, Jean-Louis Coustenoble (pictured) picked up the concept from Yvon Charles, the CEO of industrial supplies distributor Otelo, who originally proposed the idea of a joint marketplace in France.
The new virtual B2B marketplace, called Agoply, was launched because French e-commerce merchants wanted to “get prepared” before Amazon Business enters France in 2017. This B2B platform brings dozens of product supplies from B2B e-commerce resellers into a single website.
Several leading B2B players in France had previously discussed the future of B2B e-commerce two years ago and the impact online reseller giants, such as Amazon, could have on the French market.
Coustenoble has received support from three “Club B2B” members in France who invested in the establishment of a company called Colecoo, which runs the Agoply platform. Coustenoble has spent almost a year setting up the Agoply platform.

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