RT Media Appoints New ‘Head of News’

RT Media, publisher of the popular Recycling Times Magazine and 3D Printing World Magazine, has appointed a new Head of News to meet the growing needs of its publishing department.

Ms Violien Wu (pictured), who joined the team as a reporter and journalist over 2 years ago, has accepted the role.  Wu heads a team of 7 full time journalists and writers, 3 international partners in Russia, Mexico and South Korea, and 85 global contributors.

Wu, who speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese has been a rising star in the company, progressing to head of the English language edition of the magazine less than 12 months ago. Prior to her career move with RT Media, Wu was an educational consultant for students wanting to study abroad.

“Publishing takes on new meaning as we head into 2016,” Wu explains. “While we have thousands of readers wanting to connect with our content in over 80 countries on different platforms, they still demand a hard copy magazine. It’s probably because print consumables and 3D printing are all about hard copy.”

Wu says she is excited, grateful and humbled by the new role. Recycling Times Magazine is published in 5 languages—English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Korean. “1.2 billion people speak Chinese, 329 million speak Spanish and 328 million speak English as their first language,” she explains. “3D Printing World is China’s first 3D magazine and we are very proud of its achievements this year.”


About RT Media

Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media) educates, informs and provides networking and business opportunities for the 2D and 3D printing industry. The RT Media international team comprises talent from Australia, America, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong and China.

RT Media is the organizer of RemaxWorld Expo, the world’s largest print consumables trade show event held each year in Zhuhai, China—the world capital of print consumables manufacturing.  RT Media also organizes the RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Americas, RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Europe and World Toner Conference.  RT Media publishes regular inTouch TV News bulletins and monthly editions of the Recycling Times magazine for the global industry-separately with Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean and Russian editions.

In the 3D printing arena, RT Media organizes the world leading professional 3D printing trade shows—Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo—Shanghai and iPrint 3D Expo. RT Media was also the first to publish a monthly Chinese magazine focusing on the 3D printing industry—3D Printing World.


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