Ricoh Leads EPEAT Registration in India

Ricoh announced it has received Silver ratings in the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry for 35 of its imaging equipment products in India. These devices include MFPs and printers. The OEM claims it is the first company to market MFPs and printers in the EPEAT imaging equipment category in India.
Ricoh has participated in this program since 2013. Up till June 5, 2015, it has been marketing 357 EPEAT-registered models in the United States as well.
EPEAT is a global environment rating system established to help buyers identify eco-friendly computers and other electronic products. Under the EPEAT system, products are measured against both required and optional criteria addressing resource conservation, energy conservation and the reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials. Products must meet all 33 required environmental performance criteria and 26 additional optional criteria to qualify for ratings of Bronze, Silver or Gold.

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