Ricoh Launches New Industrial InkJet Printheads

Ricoh Launches New Industrial InkJet Printheads

Ricoh Launches New Industrial InkJet Printheads

Ricoh Launches New Industrial InkJet PrintheadsAccording to Ricoh, the three newly developed industrial-grade inkjet printheads, namely RICOH MH5422, RICOH MH5442, and RICOH MH5422 Type A, can be used as key components in digital printing systems.

The new printheads provide high image quality and productivity by utilizing Ricoh’s high-precision technology. They feature a wide range of ink compatibility and improved durability through enhanced nozzle surface abrasion resistance. Ricoh has also improved system compatibility by applying separate cables and high-precision surface alignment features.

An enhanced addition to the Ricoh MH5320/5340 product family, the new printheads enable users to select the inkjet printheads that are most compatible with their needs. Customers using the existing RICOH MH5420/5440 (released in 2012) and RICOH MH5421/5441 (released in 2017) can easily upgrade their printers to this printhead while maintaining existing print quality with the same droplet volume.

Main features of the newly developed inkjet printhead

  1. High-quality printing and high productivity

In addition to a nozzle layout of 1,280 nozzles, 150 npi × 4 rows, and a standard droplet volume of 7pl, the new printhead achieves high image quality printing by improving the accuracy and uniformity of the droplet ejection speed and direction. Ricoh has also improved the stability of high firing frequency, and a firing frequency of up to 50 kHz provides increased productivity.

  1. Enhanced ink compatibility

Supports all types of inks: UV, water-based, and solvent. In particular, when using water-based ink, product durability has more than doubled*1 compared to their predecessor, RICOH MH 5421/5441 (released in 2017).


Results based on water-based inks and evaluation methods specified by Ricoh.

  1. Enhanced abrasion resistance of the nozzle surface

Strength of the ink repellent film improved*2 compared to conventional printheads*3. This reduces the nozzle plate’s deterioration against repeated wiping and provides stable image quality even after extended use.


Results based on ink and evaluation methods specified by Ricoh.


Conventional printheads: RICOH MH5420/5440 and RICOH MH5421/5441

  1. Improved system compatibility

Print head alignment is available in two configurations: the pin-alignment compatible model or a high-precision surface-alignment compatible model for easy alignment for system integration and field service replacement. In addition, the separate cable structure with a general-purpose connector increases the flexibility for attaching and detaching the printhead.


There is an increasing demand for easy-to-use inkjet printheads compatible with a wide range of inks. Digital printing continues to expand into a broader range of fields and accelerate resource-saving, labor-saving, and local production for local consumption. In the industrial printing market, the number of customers involved in digital printing continues to increase and is expanding to include sign graphics, textiles, and building material decoration and ornamentation.



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