Ricoh Introduces New A3 Color MFP

Ricoh Introduces New A3 Color MFP

Ricoh Introduces New A3 Color MFP

Ricoh introduces a new A3 color MFP model, RICOH IM C7010, featuring high productivity and sustainable performance.

As working styles evolve, print environments are undergoing significant transformations. Although an optimal printing environment can be reinforced by multiple printers, there is an increasing demand for compact all-in-one printers with potent capabilities to handle high volume workloads. Recognizing this need, Ricoh has developed this model to provide a practical solution.Ricoh Introduces New A3 Color MFP

Unparalleled Productivity

High speed sets this MFP apart from others. It achieves an impressive continuous copying speed of 70 pages per minute for both monochrome and color documents. With a first-page-out time of just 2.9 seconds for monochrome and 4.2 seconds for color, it can quickly spring into action. Even when in sleep mode, the printer can resume operation within 11 seconds.

Enhanced Flexibility

Despite its exceptional performance, installation of the machine is rather flexible. It is almost the same size as other models with slower printing and copying speed. Its compactness ensures easy integration into various office layouts. Additionally, it can be effortlessly powered by a single 100V power supply.

Advanced Functionality

The MFP possesses a 1-pass ADF that enables it to feed both sides of papers automatically regardless of their thickness and size. Built-in structures make it possible to bind and fold papers without using staples. This function guarantee users’ safety and makes it an ideal choice for schools and hospitals.

Committed to Sustainability

The product reflects Ricoh’s commitment to constructing a sustainable and carbon-free society. 50% of its resin structures are made from recycled plastic, demonstrating the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Furthermore, the toners used in this model have a  lower melting point than previous models, approximately 12°C, further contributing to energy efficiency and sustainability.



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