Restructuring to Continue

Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Corporation (MKIC) better known as Future Graphics in America, and beyond, will continue the restructuring of all its departments to strengthen its long-term competitive position.

MKIC believes a more efficient company is necessary. Steve Yagi, President and CEO of MKIC, told RT Media “This restructuring was an extremely tough decision that will allow MKIC to remain competitive over the coming years.”

MKIC claims its combined market knowledge and technical expertise are very important to its customers wanting the best value toners and OPCs. An commitment to continue delivering first-to-market matching systems for global remanufacturing industry will not be compromised.

“We are committed to being the world leader in aftermarket supplies and will continue to sell only the finest quality products while providing outstanding service to our customers,” Yagi said.

MKIC manufactures and distributes the popular range of Kaleido Chrome® color toners and OPCs and the non-infringing TRUE HEX®™ and TRUE CONEX™ gears for OPCs.

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