Replacement Chips for Epson 702XL/378XL Series

Epson launched 702/802 series ink cartridges and corresponding business inkjet printers WF-3720/WF-4720 in North America in April 2017. The 802 series cartridges have a  bigger volume than the previous generation.

In August 2017, Epson launched 378/202 series ink cartridges and corresponding printers XP-8500/XP-6000 in Europe. The cartridge structure is the same as KUI series released in Japan and there has six colors and five colors. The series printers has a smaller size and considerable market prospect.

Apex Chip

● ASIC design with consistent performance

● Pass the rigorous full testing

● Easy to install in recycled cartridges

Apex launches first-to-market replacement chip solutions for Epson 378XL/202XL/702XL/802XL series cartridges. New products have steady performance and you’re welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!

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