Remanufacturer Chooses to Stay Local

What started as a two man operation 11 years ago and has grown into a major online ink and toner cartridge retailer with multiple branches, is now primarily utilizing product that has been manufactured in California for further growth and sustainable product quality. decided to keep jobs in the United States by remanufacturing their ink cartridges in the San Fernando Valley of California. With their growth, owner Keith Ramirez commented that “it’s my moral responsibility as an American to fight to keep jobs here at home.”

Choosing to conduct business in California has some preferred benefits for an ink and toner distribution company that can’t be found in locations outside the United States. California has access to an abundance of materials, allowing them to employ contemporary methods for the best and most comprehensive testing results. InkGrabber’s California based manufacturing facility has state of the art temperature controlled storage rooms, clean room stations to omit cross contamination, and innovative testing centers with nearly every printer model that has been released to the general public.

The affluent state also receives a myriad of color ink compositions, allowing the remanufacturing engineers to select the best ink formulas for their refilled ink cartridges. “Being able to test our products here in California has allowed us to regulate (the) quality (of their ink cartridges) quickly and efficiently” according to Keith whose maintained the same company goal over the last 11 years, to “bring a great product at a great price, made here in America.”

Another factor in Keith’s decision making was the fact that his hometown state of California was heavily hit by the recession and this was a way to help rebuild the state, creating new job opportunities within the greater Los Angeles area. The Remanufacturing plant Inkgrabber uses, now employs around 100 employees, increasing their staff total by nearly 150%. Keith explained, “the financial cost is higher to make a good American product, but our online reviews show that it’s the right choice.”

To see the quality of their Remanufactured ink cartridges created in California, check out their blog article entitled The Quality of Remanufacturing Ink Cartridges in the USA, which provides detailed testing descriptions and picture comparisons of printouts using the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ink cartridges and their Inkgrabber Remanufactured ink cartridges.


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