Reman VS New-builts, Which is the Preferred Choice?


Luke Goldberg, Tricia Judge

In the remanufacturing heyday of the 1990 to 2000s, it was easy to promote remanufactured cartridges. The benefits were obvious: a US$8 billion industry that simultaneously offers benefits…

>>>Why Remanufactured Cartridges Remain the Better Aftermarket Choice


Christian Pepper, President – LD Products Channel Partner Division

When RT Media asked me to write the argument for this article I had some soul searching to do. I have spent over 15 years of my career working for businesses involved in remanufacturing cartridges (remans). It is only in the last year as I joined LD Products that I began to immerse myself in the other Aftermarket methodology of new-build compatibles.

>>>Why the Trend Towards New-build Cartridges Will Become the Preferred Aftermarket Choice


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