China Inkjet Market Reports Slowing Growth

According to IDC China’s latest research on tracking of China printing peripherals market, the growth rate in Q3 2019 continues to slow down compared to the same period with last year. It is reported that China inkjet market registered a YOY increase of 1.5%, with total shipments up to 1.217 million. In particular, inkjet shipments increased 1.3% YOY at 0.686 million, and ink tank shipments were up 1.8% YOY, amounted to 0.53 million.

slow down

It is due to influence from the commercial market that inkjet market shipments experienced changes from a two-digits growth to one-digit growth. In response, IDC points out that inkjet printer manufacturers need to get prepared for the continuous slowdown growth, meanwhile, they should explore new opportunities centring on innovative office printing service module and family education.

IDC Imaging, Printing and Document Solution Marketing Analyst Cao Min believes that inkjet printing market will report an approximately 6% growth in 2019 compared to 2018. IDC predicts that the inkjet market will pick up in the future. In 2020, the inkjet market should report a much higher growth than in 2019.


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