Recharger Farewells Rechargers

After a 25-year-run, one of the best known industry publications—Recharger—has sent a farewell to its supportive readers in the aftermarket print consumables industry.

In the final edition of the Recharger magazine, Director Amy Weiss announced the news. She quotes the television series “MASH” who used the title on the final episode—Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, saying, “The final episode was emotional and it’s like saying goodbye to a beloved friend. I feel much the same way about this issue of Recharger.”

In the Editor’s Note, Weiss said the remanufacturing industry began in basements, garages and (in some cases) on ping-pong tables but grew into a multibillion-dollar industry to be as legitimate and powerful as any other manufacturing business. And she was proud to be part of it.

She also expresses her gratitude to the magazine’s advertisers, writers, readers and staff for their support during the years. Weiss extended special thanks to industry experts such as Mike Josiah, Tricia Judge, Brad Roderick and Charles Brewer, as well as supportive companies like Static Control, UniNet, MSE, Future Graphics, LMI, Apex and UNIQBAG.

Staff at Recycling Times have been saddened to hear the news. Recycling Times Director David Gibbons was an avid subscriber to the magazine as a young remanufacturer in Sydney, Australia back in 1992. One staff member said “We’ve lost a colleague who shared the same mission to deliver information and provide networking opportunities to the print consumables industry”. Another said, “We’ve lost a respected competitor that we’ve been looked up to for many years.” And yet another said “The global industry has lost a strong supporter, particularly in North America.”

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