PrintFleet LINK Links Up with Q2

PrintFleet is partnering with an aftermarket imaging supplies distributor to offer its LINK Supplies Fulfilment program across the US.

The MPS provider claims that customers of its new partner Q2, LLC will benefit from the program with simplified and automated supply ordering process. The program will also reduce the administrative burden and provide better inventory management by lowering costs ultimately.

Partner and Co-founder of Q2 Neal Becker believes that the application of the automated order fulfillment through PrintFleet allows the company to continue its mission of customer satisfaction with MPS service expansion.

“We are excited to see the industry moving towards automation and the resulting simplification of supply management and are especially thrilled to have Q2 joining our LINK platform,” said Chris McFarlane, President & CEO, PrintFleet. “This new capability greatly simplifies the exchange of data for Q2 from resellers enabling a more efficient and cost-effective delivery of supplies and services.”

In January, PrintFleet announced partnership with Brother to launch Brother Dashboard for resellers to visually demonstrate how managed print can increase efficiencies, reduce cost and improve device management.

Printfleet Adds Value to its Channels

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