Print More While Still Saving £3,000 A Year

A fully maintained business rated multifunction inkjet printer with unlimited ink cartridges is on offer for only £19.99 a month.

This sounds unbelievable to schools facing printing dilemmas. However, this is the real solution that came to Christ the King RC Primary School in Burnley, UK.

Bernadette from MY Total Office Solutions (which incorporates Cartridge World), introduced a more cost effective solution to Christ the King. After further discussion, the school decided to enter a longer 36 month agreement (the standard agreement is 12 months), and Bernadette gave them six months absolutely free.

Lisa Clegg  (pictured) , Bursar of the school said, “Wow, this sounded like utopia and seemed to be exactly what we needed. The teachers and children will be able to print everything they need and the school will have a low fixed monthly charge that helps spread the annual budget.”

Lisa was amazed and said, “Bernadette is saving us close to £3,000 a year, which is a 50% saving against what we had originally expected. We also have the latest technology, with a wireless multifunction business inkjet printer in every classroom, complete with as many ink cartridges as we need, which are delivered to us fast and free whenever we order them.”

MY Total Office Solutions, based in Rossendale, is a world leading print solutions and office supplies business offering innovative and cutting edge products.

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