Print-Rite Rolls out Upgraded Aftermarket Laser Chips for Kyocera Tk-5 Series

Print-Rite Technology Co., Ltd. announced it has upgraded the entire series of its Kyocera TK-5 generation aftermarket chips. It claims the chips are developed and manufactured after analysis and research on all aspects of various models.

As Kyocera keeps upgrading TK-5 Generation chips, all aftermarket consumable manufacturers are hard hit. For both older and newer machine models, Kyocera modified both firmware and hardware. Unfortunately, customers can not differentiate between non-upgraded and upgraded models.

However, Print-Rite claims its upgraded chips can be applied to all TK-5 models currently being marketed regardless of its firmware or hardware version. Incorporated with serial code cracking technology, these chips are said to be free from any serial code risk. 


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