Print-Rite Releases SmartDuo Toner Cartridges

Print-Rite Releases SmartDuo Toner Cartridges

Print-Rite-finalPrint-Rite released SmartDuo XL yield toner cartridges, which are claimed to be able to help reduce the cost per page (CPP) plus packaging and logistics costs for users.

Print-rite claims that its SmartDuo toner cartridges can print up to 5,200 pages, twice as that of the ordinary toner cartridges.

According to Print-Rite, the SmartDuo toner cartridges are accurate in page counting and resetting. In addition, they are patent-safe.

“With less carbon emission, it is a better way to save our environment,” said the spokesperson of Print-Rite.



Previously, Print-Rite released new compatible color toner cartridge for dongle gear CE310/CF350 series.

Print-Rite is selling the product through its marketing subsidiary Union Technology International (Utec) sales channels.

Celebrating its 40-year anniversary last year, Print-Rite has rich experience in manufacturing and selling which has given Print-Rite an extensive array of SKUs with more than 10,000 product supplies for inkjet, laser, and ribbon printers and copiers. As of Dec. 2020, the company had researched and developed its own portfolio of more than 3,000 registered patents.



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