Print-Rite Obtains Another Patent on Its Drum Gear

Print-Rite was granted its first drum gear patent (patent No. US9,170,549) in October 2015. Now, its second PR-2 drum gear patent has been approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (patent No. US9,274,500) .

According to Print-Rite, the highlight of the new patent is the addition of a convex contact surface to the original PR-2 design. This allows the drive head to move axially in a better way to ensure a smooth engagement with the printer. The new patent passed USPTO’s verification in March.

So far, eight out of a total of twelve 337 investigations related to print consumables industry have ended up with issue of General Exclusion Orders (GEOs). ITC has issued 104 Seizure and Forfeit Orders accordingly, with 60 issued in 2015 and 23 this year. It is predicted that 2016 will witness yet another strong wave of Seizure and Forfeiture Orders being issued.

While many are hit with Seizure and Forfeiture Orders on cartridges and components being imported into the USA, Print-Rite has always had its products cleared without question.

Print-rite claims it has registered 2,531 patents globally as at March 26, 2016.

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