Print-Rite Comments on Latest Apex & SCC Merger


Print-Rite has sent out its official comment on the latest merger between Apex Microelectronics and Static Control Components. Please see below:

Print-Rite is glad to see this kind of consolidation happening in the print consumables industry. We look to see more legitimate and reasonable developments in the industry through this kind of mergers and acquisitions. Many people have been asking when Print-Rite will go public. Although we do not have plans for this at the moment, we are seeking the possibilities and undergoing negotiations.

Print-Rite believes we have unique value in the industry, not just because we have more than 34 years’ experience in this industry, but also we have more than 2,400 patents the value of which is yet to be utilized.

We believe that to ensure long term success, companies need to honestly do business by respecting intellectual property, keeping a strong mindset towards innovation, and positively contributing to the society, their employees, business partners and shareholders. Print-Rite will, as always, move forward with these core values and grow together with our business partners.


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