Color Cartridge Remanufacturer Opens New Facility

At a time when many consumables businesses are struggling, and fearing the future on a number of fronts, Chinese companies continue to remain optimistic.

Mito remanufactures color cartridges for the domestic as well as international market. The company’s directors have just invested millions into a brand new factory in Zhuhai China to meet the demand. And they commenced operations at their new site this week.

Mary Ouyang, general manager of Mito, told Recycling Times, “Our new factory covers a large area and is equipped with more scientific equipment, facilities and layout design. We believe that with the new factory, Mito will become a remanufacturer of a larger scale in China and be able to offer much better products and services to our global customers. ”

According to Mary, the venture has only been possible because of investment from investors like Hubei Dinglong, a major toner manufacturer, and the Chinese government.

The investment comes at a time when more and more Chinese companies are gaining more market share for quality, remanufactured products in western markets.

Ouyang told media and the hundreds gathered for the opening that the future for Mito is bright.


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