Portable Dust Collector Captures 99% Toner Particles

A handy new tool for cartridge remanufacturers has been released promising to improve workshop conditions.

Faroudja Toner, based in San Carlos, California, claims the portable dust collector is specifically designed to collect toner and stop the spread of toner during and after various cartridge remanufacturing operations.

Despite being marketed as a portable machine, it weighs in at 62 lbs (28kgs). Its 950 cubic feet per second airflow, and variable speed blower, processes 3 to 4 times as much air as other units claiming “1000cfm” specifications. The filtration system consists of a pre-filter that is expected to stop 99% of all toner particles and a high-efficiency mini-pleat main filter (which stops a further 99% of particles that escape the pre-filter).

No assembly is required to set up the dust collector, which plugs into any 120 volt US based outlet. The unit also contains an optional pivoting mounting bracket, which allows users to hang the unit from a wall or ceiling, with a remote control switch.

“Customers will find the dust collector to be an extremely efficient and useful accessory,“ said President Phil Faroudja.

For more information, visit: www.faroudjatoner.com/products/04_recycling_dust_collector.html



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