Photizo Says Business Inkjet May Break Grip of Laser

According to Photizo Group, the worldwide printer market is still influenced by radical changes in IT, and business inkjet may break laser’s grip on the office printing market.

Printer shipments in 2012 declined to about 111 million units and are expected to drop to about 88 million by 2017. Vendors are busy improving color laser printers with new feature sets and lower per-page costs, but their growth may slow in short time, because business inkjets are picking up and may capture more market shares, suggests the Photizo report.

“Though consumer ink jets are declining rapidly,“ says Larry Jamieson, Director of Hardware Advisory Services and Supplies Advisory Services at Photizo Group, “developments in business ink jets, especially page-wide-array devices for small workgroups, are faster and offer lower per-page costs than comparably priced lasers and may break laser’s 30-year domination of the office printing market.”

Larry Jamieson also states that the continued development in mobile technologies such as smartphones, ipads and tablets, for consumers and business users under the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement in the workplace, are changing how people access data.

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