Photizo Group Claims HP Instant Ink Program Could Settle Ink Price Issue

Photizo Group (Midway Kentucky) claims HP plans to officially launch its HP Instant Ink program in the U.S. soon. Best Buy will be the first retail partner for the program and OfficeMax will follow in mid-October.

HP explained that Instant Ink is a subscription ink service for eligible printers. For customers that pay a monthly fee, HP will ship them new, replacement cartridges. Through the printer’s Internet connection, HP can monitor the number of pages being printed. Thus, customers will receive the replacement cartridge before ink in the existing cartridge is fully spent. Customers can monitor their usage as well and complete their subscription through a web page. The program offers three price levels for subscription and customers can choose any one of the three levels or cancel their subscription at any time.

Photizo states that after receiving complaints and reading ongoing media reports about the high price of ink jet ink, HP searched for a solution. The Instant Ink program is designed to offer subscribers savings of up to 50 percent. Moreover, by eliminating trips to stores and the risk of running out of ink while printing important documents, the program makes printing easier and more convenient.

Photizo opines that once customers sign up for the service, the convenience and lower cost per page will convince many to stay with it.

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