Patent-Violation Lawsuit Won by Samsung

The lawsuit filed against two German resellers who sold unauthorized and unauthentic toner cartridges was won by Samsung Electronics. Two of eleven defendants defeated by Samsung chose to appeal while their requirements were dismissed by the German Munich Court of Appeal.

The two appellants were adjudged to have infringed on the German part of European Patent EP 2 325 701 and EP 2 256 559 by the Munich Court of Appeal for reselling toner cartridges used in Samsung printers. The court mandated the termination of selling the patent-infringing products and to recall those distributed since April 14, 2012.

David SW Song, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Printing Solutions Business noted, “We are pleased with the judgment. The lawsuits are intended to protect our intellectual property rights, the rights and interests of consumers, and those of companies that produce and sell legitimately manufactured toner cartridges. We will continue to take action against resellers that sell illegal, unlicensed toners that are compatible with our products.”

Samsung holds that the fake toners may cause problems in the printers in which they are used and that the warranty won’t cover the damages caused by using counterfeit toners.

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