Patent Attorney Concludes Dongle Gear Crisis Lessons

A New York patent attorney, in the middle of the Canon dongle gear drum lawsuits, says the 16 billion US dollar global aftermarket industry can learn from the crisis that threatens to cripple them.
Martin Pavane continues to work on the Canon case, representing various cartridge remanufacturing companies.He claims there are lessons to be learned from the current round of legal disputes between Canon and the aftermarket.
“I think the most important lesson that remanufacturers can learn from this is the necessity of active preparation before introducing remanufactured cartridges into the marketplace. There are multiple issues involved with that, including obviously patent issues, which is a big part of the current disputes with Canon, but also there are questions of permissible repair versus reconstruction and underneath that particular category are additional multiple issues that affect the outcomes in those situations.”
Martin Pavane will speak exclusively to aftermarket leaders at the RT Imaging Summit in Zhuhai, China next month.He says he will advise cartridge remanufacturers how to avoid US litigation in the future.
Should US litigation continue, he says he will reveal steps that can be taken to maximize the chances of successfully defending the case.
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