Parts Now Reconfigures Product Line

Parts Now has announced a reconfiguration in its supplies offering due to the success of Zero Waste toner Cartridge.

Michael Cox, CEO of Parts Now, said, “Our customers’ experience with Zero Waste Cartridge has been a great success, and has led Parts Now to reconfigure our Toner product offering. Zero Waste Cartridge is exclusive to Parts Now, meaning we’re always your partner and never your competitor. ZWC is our main remanufactured toner offering, alongside all the OEM toner product lines Parts Now has to offer from HP, Lexmark, Xerox and OKI Data.”

Dale Jauquet, Supplies Product Manager for Parts Now, added, “The biggest factors for this product’s success is the quality it delivers at a competitive price. The performance is OEM equivalent, with zero environmental impact, which is important to our customers.”

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