Pantum Eyes over 10% Market Share Globally

According to, Jackson Wang, CEO of Seine (Seine Techonology Co., Ltd.), announced the plan to expand Pantum printer’s market share to 10%-15% in the global printer market in next five years.

Jackson explained their confidence comes from two aspects. First, they are focusing on customized products, which better satisfies the need of users and channel partners. Second, Pantum printers are now gaining momentum around the world. He noted, “An IDC research shows that Pantum printers are sold out of inventory in Iran and USA. Also, our printers are well accepted in South Africa and ranked top three printer brand there.”

The first China-made Patum laser printer was launched in 2010. Now Pantum’s operating and manufacturing facilities covers 200,000 square meters in Seine’s new High-tech Industrial Park, Zhuhai, China, which will be expanded to 450,000 square meters in the future.

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