OKI Shifts Printer Production from China to Thailand

OKI Shifts Printer Production from China to Thailand

OKI Shifts Printer Production from China to Thailand

OKI Shifts Printer Production from China to ThailandAccording to https://nordot.app/, Japan-based OKI will stop manufacturing printers in China and shift printer production to Thailand. The strategy is to focus on competitive products amid a growing paperless trend.

According to OKI, its Chinese unit OKI Electric Industry (Shenzhen) Co. will end printer production in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, next month, and OKI Data Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., its Thai arm, will take over production at its plant in the central province of Ayutthaya.

“After the production shift from China, we will target specific markets such as healthcare and retailing with advanced printers for business use, taking advantage of its light-emitting diode technology, and also incorporate printer engines into various devices including those in the internet of things networks,” said the spokesman of OKI.

OKI also claimed that sales of printers and maintenance services in China will be continued, with OKI’s Fukushima plant, based in northeastern Japan, providing some repair parts.

The Chinese unit was established in 2001 and started manufacturing printers the following year for sale in China and global markets. In 1994, the Thai subsidiary was set up to manufacture printers in Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya.

In its medium-term business plan for fiscal 2020 through 2022, OKI pointed out that, “Overseas operations will be fundamentally reviewed in line with a new sales strategy centered on products that can compete globally.”

In December 2020, OKI stopped production and sales of automatic teller machines in China amid growing cashless payments in the country. It moved production of ATMs for the Japanese market to Japan and output of those for global markets to Vietnam.



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