OKI Releases First Nine Months Results

Overall OKI’s performance is generally going according to its full year’s projections announced in October 2016.

So says OKI’s financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017.

Highlights about the results include:

  • Net sales decreased 32.7% to JPY 304.9 billion (US $2.7 billion), while operating income fell 7.1% to JPY 0.4 billion (US $3.56 million)
  • Foreign exchange losses in non-operating expenses reached JPY 4.3 billion (US $38.25 million), JPY 0.9 billion (US $8.0 million) higher than the same period in last fiscal year.
  • Q2 alone recorded a loss of JPY 2.5 billion (US $22.24 million) related to the Antimonoply Act.
  • In segment, printers sales decreased 9.9% to JPY 82.0 billion (US $72.96 million) due to the impact of declining printing demands in offices and currency exchange.

Detailed information at: http://www.oki.com/en/ir/accounts/2017q3/0202.pdf

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