Office Supplies Boom During Easter

arts & crafts,pens,office suppliesSales of office supplies has boomed over Easter in America.

According to OPI, market research firm NPD Group have shown that customers’ growing interest in arts and crafts, and office supplies has increased tremendously during the holiday period.

The sales volume of colored tapes, colored pencils, coloring pages and paintbrush pens have seen a year-over-year (yoy) growth rate of 31%, 27%, 26% and 47% respectively. Coloring kits experienced the largest growth in sales. Sales of colored pencils and coloring pages have risen by US$49.2 million and US$39.7 million respectively in comparison with 2016.

The increasing trend towards art products has also driven the growing sales of traditional products. The sales of planners and select notebooks have seen a rise of 9% and 8% respectively.

Leen Nsouli, the NPD Director of Office Supplies said, “Consumers are becoming highly accustomed to a level of customisation across product categories, services, and marketing communication that has never existed before. The need to feel unique and express that through personalized products and experiences is having an influence across industries, and office supplies is no exception.”

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