Office Depot Europe Expands E-Commerce

Office Depot Europe has pledged €20 million ($23.7 million) to fund the expansion of its e-commerce offering.

The investment will be used to boost its internet presence and improve customer flow on its websites. It plans to add new functionalities, a responsive design optimised for different devices, and scalability across the individual Office Depot companies.

The group is also looking to improve its relationship with retail partners by extending its order management and tracking functions.

“E-commerce and self-service are more and more important for B2B customers, as is the online marketplace,” said Office Depot parent group Aurelius in a statement on its website.

It added: “Office Depot is bringing its internet activities into the centre of its customer communication. The strategy is flanked by investments in further points of contact to customers (voice, print and key accounts).”

The company also said that test launches in Germany, Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands have been positively received, with online sales increasing across all regions.

Depot said it anticipates further development of its technology to be a major driving factor for overall growth in 2018.

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