Office Depot brings supply chain management to the cloud

Office Depot, Inc. (NASDAQ:ODP), a leading provider of office supplies, business products and services delivered through an omnichannel platform, is collaborating with Elementum to fortify its omnichannel operations, providing the company the ability to deliver products and services at unparalleled velocity and scale across all customer channels. The implementation of Elementum will provide comprehensive operational visibility, enabling Office Depot to act quickly, proactively and flexibly across global functions.

“Utilizing Elementum is a game-changer for our operations and performance,” said Gerry Smith, chief executive officer of Office Depot, Inc. “With this sophisticated technology, we will transform our company, as we fully leverage this tremendous asset to better serve our existing customers and seek new opportunities.”

Elementum provides new levers to manage global operations with industry leading cloud-based collaboration capabilities, as well as comprehensive, global visibility across every segment of business operations: procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and inventory management. Now, Office Depot teams will be able to interact proactively across functions as issues arise, while Elementum’s Situation Room provides executives with a central “Mission Control” from which to see and manage production, shipping and inventory based on data aggregated from all Elementum apps. These capabilities will help differentiate Office Depot in the world of eCommerce and ever-changing customer expectations.

Specific benefits of the Elementum solution at Office Depot include managing full-scale operations with global context to shrink lead times and ensure material availability; as well as proactively adjusting to issues in real time to deliver on-time and prevent stockouts. In addition, the technology will accelerate decision-making among cross-functional teams.

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