OEM’s Global Raids against Counterfeits Conducted

Xerox reported it has supported raids and prosecutions against counterfeit consumables and products around the world.

In China, Xerox has seized more than 1,500 boxes of fake toner cartridges looked like authentic Xerox products from Zhuhai Warmth Electronic Co., Ltd., a compatible manufacturer in China. The OEM has taken a cease-and-desist action forbidding the company from using fake packaging. Also, it has conducted an identical action against Zhuhai Supricolor Image in China, which is related to Zhuhai Warmth.

In Maringa, Brazil, Xerox seized more than 1,000 counterfeit boxes of Xerox-branded toner cartridges and authentication labels. In Londrina, Xerox and other OEMs seized more than 1,800 boxes of counterfeit Xerox products, including security labels and product identification materials.

In Turkey, Xerox, partnering with other OEMs, confiscated nearly 1,000 boxes of Xerox counterfeit products.

In the U.S., Xerox convicted a Baltimore man of stealing and selling $55,000 worth of Xerox consumables. The man was sentenced for 26 years.

As was revealed, The Imaging Supplies Coalition noted, “The estimated worldwide impact of counterfeiting is $3.5 to $5 billion annually. It’s an industry often targeted by counterfeit distributors because “fake” toner is often indistinguishable until it is used, and not often scrutinized by the consumer. But it comes at a price – including invalidating equipment warranties and inconsistent or poor print quality.”

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