OEM Wins European Patent Infringement Case

The District Court of the Hague has convicted two toner cartridge resellers for infringing Samsung’s patents, on November 30.

Digital Revolution and Maxperian were found to have infringed Samsung’s EP ‘537 (EP2357537) and EP ‘744 (EP1975744) patents. According to Wirth Consulting, the patents concerned are featured in Samsung’s MLT-D1042 and CLT-x5082 toner cartridges. Their products have also violated the RCD ‘687 and RCD ‘551 design patents for the cartridges.

The resellers were ordered to stop selling the infringing cartridges not only in the Netherlands but right across Europe. The court also requires the companies to stop creating comparative advertisements referring to Samsung’s genuine toner-cartridge products. Apart from compensating Samsung for its damages and legal expenses, the resellers had to post official announcements regarding the patent infringement on their official website.

“Samsung will take immediate possible legal steps against any company who sells illegal, generic toner cartridges that are compatible with our products,” said Kiho Kim, President of S-Printing Solution (previously known as Samsung Printing Solutions). “It is our responsibility to a secure smooth workflow and an efficient printing environment for our customers. We aim to prevent any inconveniences that could hinder them.”

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