OEM Tight-lipped Over Lease Renewal

Xerox’s headquarters is about to change leasee.

For the first time since 2007, when the document technology giant first occupied the Norwalk, Connecticut building, the landlord has put it back onto the tenancy market.

According to The Hour, Xerox has not unveiled its plans relating to the lease expiration which comes up later this year.

Carl Langsenkamp, a spokesman of Xerox, stated, “Our headquarters decision-making process is still ongoing, (so) a final decision has not been made.”

The space used by Xerox covers 250,000 square feet (about 23,255 square meters), and is shared with a human resources consulting subsidiary of Chicago-based Aon and Bridgewater Associates.

Xerox moved its headquarters to Connecticut from Rochester, N.Y. in 1969 in order to employ executives from New York. It was located at 800 Long Ridge Rd. in Stamford before it moved into Norwalk in 2007.

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