Nubeprint Simplifies MPS Data Transfer

Nubeprint (Ann Arbor, Michigan), the MPS technology vendor known for the quality and superior performance of its tools for managed print services, recently introduced a universal connector to customer’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Nubeprint noted the new connector is compatible with any data transmission format existing in the market, making the transfer of data from Nubeprint to any ERP an easy task.

In addition, Nubeprint said, “being able to link the MPS management system with any existing ERP is the most common request from dealers who seek to reduce errors and the time involved in the customer billing process.” Also, Nubeprint believes that the combination of its on-line accuracy and universal connector reduces the billing time by more than 90% compared to existing processes.

As was revealed by Nubeprint, its billing module simplifies the generation of complex variable page invoices, allowing any ERP to bill for MPS business, even though the ERP may not be programmed to do so. Therefore, a dealer can manage its MPS business without the need to make huge investments in replacing or enhancing its existing ERP.

Antonio Sanchez Navarro, President of Nubeprint, stated, “Our customers take advantage of the fact that the counters to bill are fully accurate at the moment it is time to bill: a complete quality control process verifies daily that the counters are correct and that they are available, and notifies the system user when an inconsistency occurs. The universal connector eliminates all the manual work for our customers, so that they can enjoy the ease of managing MPS with Nubeprint, with their ERP providing control of their business transactions.”

Further, Nubeprint observed it ZERO is available for unlimited number of printers and copiers. For more information, please visit

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