Nubeprint Says Its Ready to Disrupt MPS Sector

Nubeprint Says It’s Ready to Disrupt MPS Sector

Nubeprint Says It’s Ready to Disrupt MPS Sector

Nubeprint Says Its Ready to Disrupt MPS SectorThe launch of the Nubeprint Direct Managed Print Service (MPS) is set to disrupt the MPS sector with entry-level pricing as low as six euros (US$7.60) a month.

So says Antonio Sanchez (pictured), CEO at Nubeprint. He claims one of the biggest MPS barriers has been smashed with the launch of the Nubeprint Direct MPS where you can sign up for a basic MPS “pick and mix” package from as little as €6.25 per month to manage up to 25 devices.

Alternatively, you can hit the ground running with the Nubeprint Directs ZERO Basic option. The feature-rich dashboard of 19 easy to manage, state-of-the-art, self-explanatory, applications to get your MPS program up and running. Everything you need to bill page counts. Send push notifications to customers’ mobile phones when the toner is low—automatically managing the delivery of new consumables. Follow-up every cartridge shipped and no more lost cartridges.

It is claimed end-users will receive real-time alerts when a device has a technical issue, as well as alerts for consumables from their printers, irrespective of manufacturer. Preferred monitoring can be set between a threshold based on the remaining days or based on the remaining % level of ink or toner.

The feature-rich ZERO Basic option starts at €29.60 per month for 25 devices. In comparison, five hundred devices would cost €229.40 monthly. Each of the apps includes its report in excel and CSV.

“One of the barriers to entering the MPS sector for SME’s is the high entry costs which can be tens of thousands of euros,” said Sanchez. “Nubeprint Direct is flexible so you can adapt what you need to your budget and just pay for the functions you need, and you can pay monthly with no commitment or you can benefit from discounts by taking an annual license,” he added.

Unlike many closed MPS systems, Nubeprint Direct is one tool for all printers and supports more than 55 printer manufacturers and printer types (laser, ink, large format, ribbon…)

A unique COVID-19 home working solution to monitor the printers from teleworkers with no cumbersome software installation. It is as simple as using the Nubeprint phone app in the customers’ cell phone or by activating the printer monitoring service in the customers Chromebook.

Security of information is critical, and the Nubeprint Direct service is fully GDPR compliant. Enabling you to keep your customers for you, safe in the knowledge that your customer’s data is not shared. Only you and your customer have access to it.

“The idea for Nubeprint Direct has been in our minds for a few years, but the pandemic led to a massive change in teleworking and that change, enabled us to launch Nubeprint Direct in months, rather than the normal year or two. Phase one of the project launched at the end of January and is targeted at the European market. Phase two, targeted at the North American market, should launch shortly. The early interest and take-up have been very positive,” said Sanchez.

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Nubeprint is a technology company focused on the output devices reliable management. Nubeprint’s offices are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Madrid, Spain, and its Distribution Channel covers the US, Europe, APAC and Central and South America.  Nubeprint´s Yield & Lean Management software is the only true “device agnostic” and reliable MPS software in the Printing Market for remote, automated and proactive management of output devices.


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