Now the Russians Are Doing It

At first, Chinese-based companies were doing it, but now a well known and respected printer cartridge brand in Russia has launched its very own new-built laser printer (toner) cartridges.

CACTUS is a well-known company in the Russian printing consumables market. “The company supplies its “CACTUS” branded cartridges which are the most popular ones on the Russian market,” says Dr Stanislav Malinskiy (pictured), the director of the Moscow-based information agency, Business Inform. “Lately, CACTUS has had a solid and commanding lead in the Russian market of compatible consumables for printing devices in terms of sales values.”

CACTUS opened the first Russian production of new-built laser cartridges for office printing in May 2018 and they entered the market in June.

“They are definitely an all-Russian production,” Malinskiy explains. “The products have a СТ-1 certificate—a legal document in Russia—which testifies the products are produced in Russia.”


The production of CACTUS laser cartridges is already certified for 15 models of the most popular cartridges in the Russian market. The company plans to expand its production to other models.

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