Norton Passes Aged 84

Born in the UK on 14th June 1932 Don Norton worked for Caribonum selling conventional carbon papers and cotton adding machine ribbons. “He knew the walk and he did the talk,” son Stewart Norton told RT Media. “He he must have been one of the longest serving participants in the industry—one he serviced with his heart.”

Norton moved to Australia in 1963 and was at the forefront of an ever-growing business involved in spooled ribbons for use in typewriters. It eventually led into film sheeting and distribution. He eventually moved into cartridge ribbons and lift-off tape manufacturing under Graphic Ribbon Australia—the market leader in imaging supplies products distribution in Australia.

He successfully sold this business to Pelikan Inc Germany. After retiring, Norton stayed in the imaging supplies business for many years managing Laser-Tek—the remanufacturing side of his two son’s business in Queensland.

From conventional carbon paper to laser printer cartridge manufacturing, Norton’s skill and knowledge base were unsurpassed.

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