Ninestar Remains Competitive with Its Patent-Safe Solutions

Ninestar Remains Competitive with Its Patent-Safe Solutions

Ninestar Despite the anxiety in the imaging supplies industry over patent lawsuits, Ninestar remains confident its customers will not be impacted.

For over two decades, Ninestar has invested in the research and development of workaround solutions that do not infringe the patents of others. It has always been the first to respond to ongoing patent lawsuits.

“Intellectual property is the bedrock of innovation,” said Sean Cao (pictured), the Chief Patent Technology Officer (CPO) and senior R&D Director at Ninestar. “Ninestar respects the intellectual property of all printer OEMs.”

Cao, who has worked in Ninestar’s legal department for 20 years, has mastered patented technology and design, and has achieved many patent successes.

With 4,885 self-developed granted patents as of 31 December 2021, Ninestar also expects others to respect its intellectual property rights as well. At the same time, it provides Ninestar with an “arsenal” of patents to quickly release “first-to-market” patent-safe product solutions, which keep its customers safe from any legal threats.

“I have heard many industry people say that Ninestar is “shadowing the OEM,” Cao added. “It is very true that Ninestar follows the printer OEMs very closely and is ready to respond to any new products they deliver to the market.”

According to Cao, innovation is in Ninestar’s DNA. “I am confident the work we do allows Ninestar’s distributors and partners to confidently remain competitive in the marketplace.”

In the Patent Talk Webinar, Cao will reveal how Ninestar has developed its patented products through innovation and how it responds to industry legal disputes.

The 15-minute webinar is free to join but requires pre-registration to seek participation at the event. The event will be here in just 7 days—at 15:30 Greenwich Mean Time, July 21. Click here to reserve your place now!


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