Ninestar Launches New Website During Italy Conference

Ninestar has launched a series of new products including a brand new website during its 3rd G&G Agent Conference in Stresa, Italy. More than 70 EMEA distributors, guests and media outlets were attended the event.

The G&G’s new website,, not only provides a better user experience but also displays complete product information, along with a back-to-school marketing campaign released to global G&G distributors, according to

Besides the website, Lexmark & Pantum also released their business strategy and new product roadmap as a hardware printing solution for the first time during the event.

Additionally, Mr. Giovanni Giusti (pictured, left) from DOXENSE was invited as a special industry professional expert to share his opinions about the acquisition. He was convinced that the acquisition will create value for both companies and opportunities for resellers.

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